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Women in the Pet Industry Infographic. Member Benefits are endless!

Are You a Woman in the Pet Industry? Do You Want to Grow Yourself and Your Business?

We are the only network with every category in the pet industry represented. Members invest to profit from and with each other.

A lot of women have asked me what this network is all about, what value it gives, why they should join. These are good questions especially in this overloaded world we live in where there is more to do than time to do it. What’s exciting is that this network works. We’ve made it super easy to engage, and fun too. Besides having your own page on this site (Great for more Google juice) The members only Facebook page is over-the-top successful for sharing ideas, getting your questions answered and making connections that will help you in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.   Plus we do monthly Growth calls, Share calls, Pet industry meet ups as well as the Women in the Pet Industry Conference & Awards Show that is remarkable in it’s ability to bring people into deep conversation on business issues most important to you.   We’ve learned you need business sisters, we all do. Someone to help us, kick us into gear when needed and simply listen to our ideas. When you join WIPIN there will be no more wondering, no more unanswered questions, and no more going it alone. We address the issues that you care about most because women are tapped into the heart of the pet industry and it’s part of our make up to give to each other. If that’s how you feel too, look around – you’ll be inspired.

When Women Help Women Big Magic Happens!

Sharing Expertise is the Best Way to Grow Your Business!What I hear often is that going it alone is the biggest determent in creating a business that supports your dreams. Most pet professionals feel isolated. They work in a certain niche or geographical area and don’t have the availability to share, learn and gain from others. It matters not if your business is local or online, this network gives you the power to connect and prosper. It also gives you a connection to others just like you. Our pets are perfect companions however we still need one another to bounce ideas off of, learn what is working in other markets and spread the word about each other’s businesses.

      Women In The Pet Industry Network has a clear mission:
  1. GROWING – through information and collaboration – The monthly Growth Calls are all about Growing Yourself and Your Business
  2. GIVING – sharing of ideas helps both the giver and receiver. The monthly Share Calls give you a front row seat in what’s working
  3. CONNECTING – to other pet professionals, the media and public. WIPIN does much around cross promoting – we’re stronger when we band together

Isn’t it time you invested in YOUR Business Growth?

Good! Because It’s EASY, SMART and Doable Now! And Fun, too!

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