Are You Ready for St. Patrick’s Day? Is every holiday a time to promote? That’s like asking, is every day a day to sell? Ha! So St. Patrick’s day is this weekend – what is 1 thing you can do to add more green to your business? You probably have more ideas than the one I’m going to share – I would love to hear them, but if nothing else, why not give a discount
Are you an action taker? What is your intention for the week? Ask yourself… Are you living a life of action or reaction? What steps (actions) can you take this week toward your goal? Blessings,  Shawna   Please share this email with those in your life that you feel would benefit from starting their week well each Monday. Follow on: Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Pinterest  | LinkedIn Copyright © 2018 |  www.ShawnaSchuh.com  | All rights reserved
Women in the Pet Industry Network Skips a Conference Year! Here’s to another successful 5 years of GROWTH! “Did You hear that Women in the Pet Industry Network is canceling their conference this year?” “No, I didn’t! What’s going on, do you know? “No I don’t but it can’t be good. I mean why would they cancel it if something wasn’t wrong?” The above scenario is one that happens all the time, and it’s not
Do Dogs Really Give Us Unconditional Love? My little guy, Stewart does lots of things that make my heart melt. One of them is asking to get under the covers where we spoon – or I should say, where I spoon around his furry frame and where he licks any exposed skin he can reach. Love is so complete right then. However is it really unconditional? So I looked it up………. (Do we live in the
  Dear Pet Lover, Can you learn to relax to better your health? What is your intention for the week?   Ask yourself…  What good has worrying ever done? Can you let it go this week?? If you’ve considered giving yourself the gift of coaching – Now is the time! I have a few coaching slots open which could be perfect for you if you’re ready! Call me to discuss your goals and how working

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