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Promote Your Pet Business

Posted by newadmin on  June 15, 2016

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In a perfect world, customers would be beating a path to your door. In the real world, though, those of is in business have to clear the path and invite clients and customers to our door. I work with many clients who will say, “I hate ‘shameless self promotion’.” To that I say, “If you don’t toot your own horn, who will?” Let me add a caveat to that, though. Promoting yourself doesn’t mean that

Simple Marketing Tips For Pet Business Professionals

Posted by newadmin on  March 30, 2016

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Category: Marketing
How good are you at patting yourself on the back and telling the world how wonderful both you and your business are? It’s not always easy to “shamelessly self promote” but as business owners, it is important to learn to do just that. If you don’t toot your own horn, who will? I’m not saying that every time you meet a new person http://www.viagragenericoes24.com/que-es-la-viagra you need to regale them with a list of your stellar

Wrapping Up 2015

Posted by newadmin on  December 5, 2015

Category: WIPIN News
The year is fast coming to a close. Did you meet your 2015 goals? Okay, ‘fess up, did you set goals for 2015? If you set them back in January, did you keep up with them? Now is the time of year to schedule down time to look at your business and how it worked last year, what didn’t work, what needs to change and what milestones you reached and what successes you can celebrate. 

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