Conference Survival (and Thrive) Tips

Attending a conference should be about “surviving” the experience and thriving while doing so. If you’ve attended many conferences you know that the early breakfast and networking events are followed by days packed with learning sessions and in some cases, more networking takes place after the conference ends in the local bars and restaurants. Whether you’re a seasoned conference attendee or whether this is your first trip to the Women In The Pet Industry Network conference, there are myriad things to consider.

Conference Survival (and Thrive) Tips

Here are my tips on ways to survive and thrive at the next conference you attend: Continue reading Conference Survival (and Thrive) Tips

Promote Your Pet Business

business promotionIn a perfect world, customers would be beating a path to your door. In the real world, though, those of is in business have to clear the path and invite clients and customers to our door. I work with many clients who will say, “I hate ‘shameless self promotion’.” To that I say, “If you don’t toot your own horn, who will?” Let me add a caveat to that, though. Promoting yourself doesn’t mean that every social media post you write or every interaction you have on line is a sales pitch — no one wants to be constantly sold to, am I right?

What you can do is smoothly promote yourself on your social media. If you’ve written a book, offer tips from it. If you have a pet product or pet service here are some ways to smoothly promote:

  1. Mention its benefits
  2. Mention clients with whom you have worked
  3. Share a story of a happy customer
  4. A picture of a pet enjoying your product
  5. Answer questions relevant to your ideal client

Be a useful resource to your followers.

Here are some other ways that you can promote your pet business.

  1. Blog about it
  2. Share information on social media
  3. Use your inclusion in the WIPIN Top Women In The Pet Industry Magazine in your press kit
  4. Embed your profile on your website
  5. Link back to your member profile on the WIPIN site
  6. Send a press release to your local newspaper either if your business is celebrating an anniversary or has received kudos
  7. If there is a holiday coming up that you can provide valuable insight on, contact a local paper about that. What do I mean? Let’s say it’s summer and you’re traveling with your pets, offer yourself as a resource to a reporter who is writing a story on “traveling with pets.” Approach a news outlet with that idea and offer yourself as a source for the article.
  8. Get yourself known as an expert in your particular niche by writing about it, answering questions and even joining groups on LinkedIn

Know that you can “sell” yourself and your business without always “selling.”

What pain points do you have when it comes to blogging, social media or self promotion? Let me know. You can comment here or write to me at Robbi AT WomenInThePetIndustry

Simple Marketing Tips For Pet Business Professionals

How good are you at patting yourself on the back and telling the world how wonderful both you and your business are? It’s not always easy to “shamelessly self promote” but as business owners, it is important to learn to do just that. If you don’t toot your own horn, who will?

I’m not saying that every time you meet a new person

you need to regale them with a list of your stellar attributes or your latest award winning ways or even how much money your company made in the last quarter. What I am talking about is learning how to “sell” yourself, your expertise and your business without, as Chris Brogan says, being all “selly-sell.”

Here are my simple marketing tips for pet business professionals:

  1. Learn to share your expert whisper. What is an “expert whisper”? It’s a different way to think about an elevator speech. Curious? Ask me!
  2. If you’re in the WIPIN Magazine, use your two page spread in your online business portfolio. We have your two-spread available as a pdf if you don’t have it already.
  3. Use your feature in the WIPIN Magazine as your business calling card. Attending a trade show? Take the printed copy of the Magazine and display it proudly on your table.
  4. When you attend a networking event and are looking to drum up new business, remember it’s more about getting to know the person in front of you than it is to shove your business card into their hand. Remember, people want to work with others they feel they “know, like and trust.” Those three — know, like, trust — take time to build.
  5. Update your website with any recent accolades. Nominate yourself so that you can garner some accolades.
  6. Update your blog. This is a great way to share your expertise without having to stand on a table and shout it out to the crowds.
  7. Comment and be active on your social media platforms. Answer questions in boost groups or in LinkedIn specialty groups. Make a name for yourself as the “go-to” person in your industry.

Do you have any networking or marketing tips you can share with us? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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