Will YOU be the next Pet Industry Woman of the Year?

Mmm, let’s see, what would it feel like to be sitting in the audience in your finest evening dress, maybe a sparkly bangle at your ear,  neck or wrist (all of them?- why not?) and surrounded by other remarkable women (and some smart men) who are doing wonderful things in the pet space.

The excitement is infectious, the room has been transported into a magical place of light and love, you are recognized for what you’ve already accomplished and it’s already been an amazing day of learning, growing, giving and connecting with other pet professionals you know will be in your life forever.

You don’t even care if you win, (though that little voice inside is whispering that it could be you!) as you watch in wonder all the video clips from the other finalists. It’s interesting, inspiring and entertaining as they begin the announcements…

Bravo on believing in yourself enough to nominate!

Here's How to Get Started!


Step One:

Nominate yourself!

One thing we hear a lot is this: “How can I market myself and my business better? “

We have a solution that will have multiple benefits.
Apply for the Pet Industry Woman of the Year Award!

  1. If selected as a Finalist, you can bark about that to everyone! Especially your contacts and customers so you elevate awareness.
  2. If you win one of the categories, you can update your marketing and that will extend way beyond the year it happens.  Once a winner, always a winner.
  3. You’ll gain insights about yourself and your offer by filling in the nomination form – invaluable.

Don’t wait – if you want more marketing opportunities – WIPIN is providing them, you just have to click!

Nominate for Advocate

Nominate for Corporate

Nominate for Entrepreneur

Nominate for Rising Star

Nominate for Solopreneur


Deadline for Submissions: Coming Soon
Questions? Email Elaine –

Step Two:

Anticipate the Announcement of the 25 Finalists!

See the 25 Finalists for 2018 here.

Step Three:

Promote that you are a 2018 Finalist!

To extend your reach and use this honor to it’s best advantage –

We will be emailing all finalists some ideas on how to leverage this win!

Congratulations to all of those who were nominated for the
Pet Industry Woman of the Year Awards 2018!

“We use independent judges NOT in the pet industry – business leaders who select on our philosophies of giving, growing and connecting. I’m so glad I have nothing to do with the selection!”
– Shawna Schuh

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