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  One Christmas when I was a very little girl, my mother came into the room I shared with my brother with her hands behind her back. “Do you want to see something special?” She asked. It was very dark in the room and she hadn’t turned the lights on, so our eyes were wide, and we both nodded in silence. It was rare to have my mother come in and not turn on a light, and
You didn’t want it anyway… What is your intention for the week? Ask yourself… You know those things you realize after you have them you really didn’t even want them? How grateful can we be we realized that – or that we have the courage to let them go? Are you grateful for all the things you don’t have that you didn’t/don’t want? What one thing do you do or have you let go of
Fresh off the digital press! Our very first Leader Feature from the new winter edition of Top Women in the Pet Industry Magazine! The magazine features Kellyn Grantham, Senior Director of Corporate Development for Target. Read about this speaker who believes in family, and that pets are part of that family! You can read the full magazine by clicking here. Kellyn is speaking next week at the Pets & Money Summit in  Austin, Texas.  If you don’t know
  Sometimes at holiday gatherings, people like to tell other people what to do, how to do it, or even, what the other person is doing wrong (in their opinion…) If you got too much advice last week (along with turkey) – on anything or everything – here’s a statement one of my clients shared that I loved. “Don’t take advice from someone not living the life you want.”  Now that’s advice I will take!
Are you young at heart? What is your intention for the week? Ask yourself… How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were? Can you think younger this week? If you dig my writing/thoughts, feel free to share with a friend!  New to the Weekly? Sign up here. Did you know the Winter edition of Top Women in the Pet Industry Magazine is now open? Click to be seen in the Winter issue. Find out
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